1. Company Overview ( PDF , 1.0MB )
  2.     Overview of PPL business[English]


  3. MIRRORCLE CTseries brochure( PDF , 1.5MB )
  4.     Introduction of CT system[English]





























  1. This video is the state of demonstration experiment of a bridge non-destructive inspection using by MIC-1 at Ritsumeikan Univ.



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  3. MIRRORCLE-6X animation
  4. Photon Production Laboratory company overview video
  5. We have published videos of X-ray CT imaging of a cylinder block used for mini cars in YouTube.



Presentation Slides

  1. Electron storage ring based tabletop light source, MIRRORCLE for Analysis( PDF , 3.3MB )
  2.     Comprehensive material covering the light source and its use[English]