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History of Prof. Hironari Yamada


Photon Production Laboratory (PPL) was established to research the generation theory of "light" that is the basis of technology in the 21st century and to commercialize new light sources.

We developed and commercialized the world's first tabletop synchrotron "MIRRORCLE". "MIRRORCLE" is a powerful light source that provides wavelength range from far-infrared to hard X-ray. Advances in light utilization technology has become an important indicator of human development at all times. With the practical application of "MIRRORCLE", the new generation of optical technology has become available. Our wish is that "MIRRORCLE" will become popular and be a tool to develop most-advanced technologies in science, medicine and engineering in the world.

PPL is a pioneer in analytical X-ray and e-beam technology, including developing the world's first table top synchrotron light source.

PPL can provide cutting edge X-ray CT solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as 3D printing.



He is an emeritus professor at Ritsumeikan University. He was a director of tabletop synchrotron light source center of Ritsumeikan University. He is an experienced scientist in the field of accelerator physics, synchrotron radiation (SR) instrumentation, free-electron laser as well as nuclear structure physics. He is a person who proposed schemes to down size SR by introducing the laser Compton back scattering, Bremsstrahlung and transition radiation using tiny target in the orbit, and a photon storage ring laser scheme with a circular mirror surrounding the electron orbit.

He has successfully implemented such tabletop SR of 8 cm orbit radius, and observed brilliant far infrared (FIR), EUV, and hard X-ray radiations. X-ray flux is reached to the level of the second generation SR. He is also working on many applications such as protein crystallography, EXAFS, SAXS, FIR spectroscopy and sub-micron resolution CT. This CT system indeed provides the highest resolution 5 m as a hard X-ray machine.




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