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New! • Our CT apparatus based on MIC and MIRRORCLE is an outstanding device for density distribution analysis.
New! We were given X-ray CT inspection of engine block.As well as the internal structure of a engine block, you can see a position and the shape of voids in a casting at first sight. This CT imaging took only 30 minutes.
New! The homepage has been redesigned.
We updated our present condition page of Facebook.
We will be exhibiting at the 7th Non-Destructive Evaluation TOKYO, held at Tokyo Big Sight from July 22 to 24. Our booth is 2F-03, located at East No. 2 Hall. We look forward to seeing you there.
Our affiliated company, Omi mirrorcle center LLC, has been renamed as Mirrorcle center Co., Ltd. as of May 13, 2015.
We exhibited at the 2nd Metal Japan (Highly-functional Metal Expo), held at Tokyo Big Sight from April 6 to 8. We would like to thank those of you who visited our booth. Click here for the exhibition poster.
We have been commissioned the inspection of a dismantled bridge by the Public Works Research Institute located in Tsukuba. The work was successfully completed using our MIC1 model magnetron.
We have been commissioned the inspection of a turbo engine by an automobile manufacturer.
• We have released the MIC1 model magnetron. Although lightweight (300 kg), it is more powerful than a klystron.
A MIC1-CT system was delivered to a major corporation in Osaka, along with a shielding chamber. This is a 1 MeV microtron that can generate X-rays capable of penetrating 15-cm-thick steel; besides, it can achieve a spatial resolution of up to 0.3 mm. Both the penetration and resolution capabilities are vastly superior to those of conventional electron accelerators, bringing X-ray CT into a new era.
A MICROTRON resolution of 0.2 mm was experimentally demonstrated—refer to the image here.
We have received a purchase order of MIRRORCLE-CV4 from Hitachi, Ltd for X-ray CT.
New Fantastic fine resolution X-ray CT images and movie of industrial products are uploaded.
New X-ray CT image and movie of industrial products was uploaded.
Fine X-ray CT image of Li ion battery was taken.
"Tabletop storage ring MIRRORCLE extreme ultraviolet lithography source "was published by J. Micro/Nanolith. MEMS MOEMS
"MIRRORCLE type tabletop synchrotron light source realizing micron-order focus point"was accepted by X-ray spectrom.
Dr. yamada gave a talk on "MIRRORCLE" @Korea Basic Science Institute.
Dr. yamada gave a talk on "MIRRORCLE" @ KyungPook National Univ in korea.
We start analysis service of X-ray reflectivity measurement.
The corporate pamphlet was renewed.
The beam injection of MIRRORCLE was carried at 1KHz repetition, with 100ns timing window, and 300mA peak current. This time we anownce that we have developped 300MHz continuous beam injection. We can provide 10^10 photons/s/mrad^2/0.1%bw with 10KW beam power microtron injector.
We send our deepest condolences and our support to everybody sacrificed in the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami sincerely. The relief and condolence money from PPL and Kwang San Co.,Ltd.(partner company) in Pusan KOREA was delivered to Japan Red Cross through the Kusatsu City social welfare section.
Turbine blade CT imaging of the world highest resolution was achieved with MIRRORCLE CV4.
We move to New Office.
An internal structure of a large-scale lithium-ion battery is observed clearly.
MIRRORCLE CV1 is released!
Sheath steel lumbe was observed within a 600mm concrete.
Welcome to New PPL WEB site
We release new english brochure.
J. Synchrotron Rad. (2009). 16 ”Performance of the far-IR beam line of the 6 MeV tabletop synchrotron light source”  MIRRORCLE-6X Far infrared power is comparable to the UVSOR coherent Synchrotron radiation.
We release MIRRORCLE-CV4 total Photon Flax. You can perform advanced X-ray analysis.
Monochromatic X-ray intensity from MIRRORCLE 20SX is advanced by one order than that from 1kW X-ray tube.