EXAFS can be used to analyze the chemical status


 X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) can be used to investigate the structural status near specific atoms; it can be implemented in material analysis and other applications.

 Two types of XAFS are considered: Extended XAFS (EXAFS) and Near-Edge XAFS (NEXAFS): EXAFS can obtain the radial distribution around specific atoms and provide the types and numbers of atoms.

 It is a powerful tool for the analysis of storage batteries and for the development of catalysts. It is also suited for the analysis of environmental chemicals.




Analysis example : K-absorption edge measurement of molybdenum






Analysis example : particle diameter measurement of potassium molybdate





Analysis device : XAFS measurement beam line





X-ray source MIRRORCLE-CV4
X-ray energy 10〜25keV

Atoms that can be analyzed

K shell:Ga(31)〜In(49)

L shell:Tl(81)〜U(92)

Energy resolution ΔE / E = 5,000
Sample form Solid, thin film, liquid, powder
Sample thickness Few μm〜tens of μm
Sample size 10 x 30mm







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