NDT of concrete structure


Concrete with thickness up to 60 cm can be inspected.


  The Photon Production Laboratory was commissioned the inspection of dismantled bridge parts by the Public Works Research Institute, an organization based in Tsukuba. We used MIC1 to perform this inspection.
  The dismantled sections of the bridge, which was just about to collapse, were on site, and we were tasked with a nondestructive inspection using X-ray to identify the root cause behind the bridge degradation. Our devices were loaded on the blue van, shown at the far end in the photograph below, which was moved across the bridge to record the scans.



  The total weight of the devices is 300 kg.

  In future, we would like to connect the apparatus to the end of a robot arm and perform inspections of bridges that are still standing. We look forward to collaborating with companies that specialize in robot arms or aerial work platform vehicles.

  please contact us if you know of anyone interested in such collaboration. At present, our product is the only device that can penetrate 60cm thickness concrete. With this product, you can perform high-precision inspection of 60 cm thickness concrete internal sections directly on site!




Imaging apparatus  :





Light source MIC1-RT
X-ray energy 950keV
Detector Imaging Plate
Maximum measurement thickness 60cm








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