THz spectroscopy


  The only commercial device capable of performing terahertz spectroscopy of aqueous solutions


  Mid-infrared (MIR) light, which has traditionally been used as the fingerprint region for molecular spectroscopy, corresponds to intramolecular vibrations. Within far-infrared (FIR) light, the electromagnetic radiations with a wavelength between 100 μm and 1 mm are called “terahertz light” and correspond to weak interactions such as intermolecular vibrations and hydrogen bonds. Therefore, this light can be used to obtain information on the network structure of polar solvents such as water. Terahertz light is also suited for observing the lattice structure of crystals.
  The radiant power of our terahertz spectroscopy device using MIRRORCLE-6FIR as the light source surpasses that of a large-scale synchrotron radiation.




Beam line  :





Light source MIRRORCLE-6FIR

Measurement wavelength range

1cm or above

(wavelength of 1 mm or less)



Fourier transform infrared spectrometer

detector Silicone borometer

Sample format


Solid, liquid, etc. (please contact us)
Resolution 0.25cm-1








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