Submicron X-ray microscope CT


A submicron X-ray microscope CT is currently in development.


 With this new product, a scan that would take two hours using a traditional device can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

 Currently, a resolution of 5 μm has been achieved.




Imaging example : transmission imaging of a chest phantom.



 The two images on the left column show the chest phantom and its X-ray transmission image. The two tumor sites are shown at 1x, 5x, and 10x magnifications in the columns from left to right.

At 5x and 10x magnifications, you can clearly see the tumors.




Analysis example : X-ray CT of battery electrodes



In the first cross-sectional image, you can see the mesh shape of the electrodes.

The second cross-sectional image shows the center part of the electrodes.




The analysis device under development : Submicron X-ray CT device capable of 20x magnification power.






X-ray source MIRRORCLE-400
X-ray energy 10〜100keV
Detector X-ray Line Sensor
Sample size Few cm or less
Resolution Less than 1μm







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