X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis(XRF)


X-ray fluorescence analysis of all elements with ppm precision


 General X-ray fluorescence devices can only detect elements of atomic number up to 40 because of the low-energy X-ray used. Thus, large-scale synchrotrons, such as Spring-8, have been the only devices capable of analyzing heavy metals using X-ray fluorescence. With MIRRORCLE, X-ray fluorescence analysis of heavy metals can be easily performed; by selecting the target and varying the operational conditions, not only traces of light elements such as calcium, but also heavy elements such as lead can be detected.




Analysis example : examination of a tungsten sample



Fluorescent X-rays from tungsten sample (W) and lead shielding (Pb) are detected.




Analysis example : examination of wood flour



Fluorescent X-rays from minute metal contamination in the wood flour are detected.




Analysis device : Total reflective X-ray fluorescence analysis beam line




Light source MIRRORCLE-CV1、CV4、6x
Measurement Energy range 3〜100keV
Quantitative Analysis Calibration curve method using standard samples







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